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Infrared Sauna Sessions are serious therapy for many health conditions
The list continues to grow as experiences with far infrared increase.
Now, with Heat Therapy Products, Inc.'s Micron Controller at last the chronically ill and elderly may safely use the infrared sauna for important detoxification sessions.
Health benefits of using a far infrared sauna are vast.
Quick weight loss: is it safe?
Losing weight gradually by means of a healthy low-fat, balanced diet with moderate exercise is important.
Losing weight too quickly can release dangerous toxins that have been stored in body fat into the bloodstream.
These toxins go through every organ of our body on their way out through urine and bowel movements.
Weak organs can be compromised by these menacing toxins, leading to serious illnesses especially with the elderly and already ill.
What's the safest way to rid the body of toxins?

Far Infrared Sauna sessions with solid ceramic emitters with adjustable micron control (set at the most ideal setting for detoxification) have been show to be the safest,
and most effective way to detox! This is the ultimate way to regain your vitality and allow your body to repair and cleanse.

The Master Cleanse
involves a solid food fast. Instead, you drink a mixture of water, lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup, and Cayenne pepper.
Drinking a glass just before a daily far infrared sauna session helps in the releasing of the toxins which you then sweat out, avoiding the organs of your body.The Master Cleanse Recipe:
* 2 tablespoons lemon (or lime) juice (approx. 1/2 lemon)
* 2 tablespoons of genuine "organic" maple syrup (not maple flavored sugar syrup)
* 1/10 Teaspoon or more cayenne pepper
* 1 Cup (8 fluid ounces) of water, room temperature
Combine all the above ingredients in a jar and shake together.
The rules are simple: drink 6-12 glasses per day for 10 days

The recommended sauna session time can vary from person to person, start out with about 15 minutes and work your way up to an hour. The sauna will automatically turn off at the end of each session. Heat Therapy Products' micron control has the specifically optimal setting for detoxification sessions.
It is common for a person with high toxin levels to sweat at a higher temperature than average. As the body cleanses, you'll find that you begin sweating more quickly and at lower normal temperatures. Our adjustable micron control sets the emitters at lower temperatures giving you longer sessions, more often, with safety.Detoxification takes determination and there will be times when you may feel like quitting. So, before you begin a detox program you'll want to prepare both your mind and your body for the experience ahead.
Always check with your doctor before beginning this or any other detoxification program.Health issues that can be helped by detoxifying the body is endless, but here are some of the most common reasons why people choose to do it: * Purify liver, kidney and blood
* Eliminate years of built up internal waste
* Increase energy and focus
* Lose weight slowly 2 to 4 pounds a week
* Ease chronic pain
* Look younger
* Boost immune system
* Control high blood pressure
* Treat acne
* Simply feel fantasticEmail Heat Therapy Products Inc. for more information. saunadesign@mac.com

A quote from the Journal of the American Medical Association, Regarding ceramic far infrared saunas regular use may be as effective a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories, as regular exercise. That is pretty impressive. The heating of the body also helps to build the immune system. Cancer research is including far infrared therapy with other treatments to achieve a better, quicker, less stressful result. The body cleansing power of infrared is gaining in importance as our bodies are bombarded with toxins constantly. We are breathing them in, ingesting them with chemically enhanced foods, through over medicating, and are subjected to them through everyday items with which we come into contact, etc. The unique ability of far infrared to break down the ions which hold the water and fat encapsulated toxins is a powerful tool toward better health. For those with severe toxin level issues,  drug abuse being only one example, far infrared therapy is often being used, with medical guidance, to safely and most effectively rid the body of the contaminates.

And, evidence is mounting that these toxins are responsible for the many many of the illnesses, and diseases of today.
Far infrared saunas are proven to be the most effective and safest method for removal of heavy metals, carcinogenic toxins and environmental pollutants that we all either breathe, absorb, or consume. 
You will not only look and feel better, but the real health benefits of using a far infrared sauna can help you to stay free of diseases in a natural, less intrusive way. This is a major step toward overall health.
It has been shown that you will sweat up to 3X more in an infrared sauna than in a traditional hot rocks type sauna.
This means more effective detoxing benefit.
Making sure your session gives you the ultimate benefit is our primary concern. 
Heat Therapy Products, Inc. guides you through the construction or assembly process with the best emitters in the industry and layout
 sauna emitter layout         infrared sauna therapy         sauna relaxes muscles  


A Far Infrared Sauna has the ability for a much deeper heat penetration benefit to the body compared to a traditional hot rock sauna,
which gives more surface benefit.  Many doctors agree that using an infrared sauna regularly
is one of best ways to keep healthy and fit. The overall effects are extensive.
Detoxification experts site the following:
Saunas are being used by doctors to effectively stimulate the release of toxins from the bodies of their patients.
They have found that a lower emitter surface temperature sauna session taken for a longer duration is most beneficial.
The lower temperatures stimulate a fat sweat, which eliminates toxins especially stored in fat,
as opposed to the high temperature sauna, which encourages mostly water sweat.

What we discovered from our ongoing research into infrared characteristics is that various types of therapy are most effective at various micron settings!  Over 7 years ago Heat Therapy Products, Inc. began developing variable micron controls.  We now offer individual emitter controls, which enable you to turn some on, and some off, and set each one to the level you desire/need.  Also, our latest innovation is a full sauna micron controller which sets all the emitters to the micron level you want/need.  These breakthrough upgrades enable the very ill or elderly to experience the benefits of detoxification therapy for the first time ever.  Because of heat sensitivity and other issues, they have been left out of the opportunities that infrared saunas provide. The settings are adjusted for the comfort level and micron level that allows these users to stay in session for the time necessary for effective detoxification therapy. NOTE: higher heat may be needed for some health conditions, no problem with our full range micron controls.
We've found that, because of the tendency to fall asleep during infrared sessions, our optional tapered back rest prevents injury, and provides comfort not found in other infrared saunas.  Especially designed for the sick and elderly, but great for anyone!!
Our solid ceramic concave emitters produce far infrared at amazing volumes with consistency.
Combine them with our exclusive whole sauna micron controller and our full body coverage layout guidelines and you get the MOST EFFECTIVE, VERSATILE, INFRARED SAUNA AVAILABLE.
Health benefits of using a far infrared sauna are vast.   
Regular Far Infrared Sauna use has been shown to benefit the human body in the following ways --
and the list continues to grow.
• Lose weight effortlessly: burn up to 600 calories during a full sweat sauna session
and give your heart a mild cardiovascular conditioning workout.

• Help to unlock pores to release more toxins from the body during use.

• Relieve sore, tired muscles, back pain, arthritis, physiological, mental and emotional stress.

• Migraine relief.

• Help in building a stronger immune system to combat colds, flue, disease.

• Help digestion.

• Help relieve sinus conditions.

• Improve acne conditions.

• Improve nourishment for smoother softer skin and give the skin more elasticity.

• Sleep better.

• Enhance circulation on the surface and deeply for more muscle relaxation.

• Speed up healing of wounds from surgeries, injuries and reduce scar tissue.

• Warm muscles for better athletic performance and help reduce muscle injury.

• Make available more nutrient and oxygen supply to the deep and surface tissues.