A Far Infrared Sauna is a simple product with far reaching benefits.

What is Far Infrared? How does it work?

Far Infrared is a heat energy like the band of the sun's energy that warms you.
It is not UltraViolet, from which you need to protect yourself with sunscreens.
It is not like the energy used in tanning booths.
It is the band of the sun's energy that you experience outside on a cold day
when you feel the sun's warmth.  The Infrared band of the sun's energy is duplicated in sauna emitters and is the powerful energy to heal and/or relieve numerous conditions.
Infrared is closely in tune with your own body energy.
Infrared is a very safe form of energy.
Preemie babies have been kept warm for decades by infrared units in hospitals.

The normal maximum temperature of an infrared sauna is only 135 degrees.  It is, therefore, a much more pleasant environment when compared to the 190-200 degrees of a traditional hot rock sauna.  It is always experienced in a "dry" structure, no plumbing needed for installation, no uncomfortable humidity to contend with when you're trying to relax!

Significant characteristics of infrared are important to remember when considering a sauna purchase.

1) Infrared only travels in straight lines.
2) Infrared is absorbed by wood; it does not bounce off or go through wood.
3) Infrared does reflect off metals, especially polished stainless steel.
4) Infrared Benefits come from the direct absorbtion of the infrared by the body.
5) Infrared is beneficial to the body in any volume, and is the safest heat energy (used in hospitals for decades  to keep newborn babies warm).


A sauna is not the sun, with unlimited energy, and can only produce just so much infrared.

Since infrared benefit is gained only by it's direct absorption by the body,
full body coverage is key to infrared sauna effectiveness.

Room/Air Heat does not equal infrared benefit. 
You can receive infrared benefit even with the door open to the sauna!

When you consider the above, absorption characteristic, united with this straight lines characteristic, then the type of infrared emitter, it's placement and the housing/reflector designs
become essential elements for effective infrared sessions.

Taking into consideration the fact that infrared is absorbed by wood, the emitter cover screens and backrest's design become important.  You don't want the precious infrared to be wasted on the wood slats, you want it to reach your body!

Heat Therapy Products, Inc. has developed, over the past 12 years, a number of innovative and exclusive upgrades to the infrared sauna.  Our research into the true characteristics of far infrared have led us to establish realistic guidelines and products for effective far infrared therapy. 
See our home page, emitter page, and before you buy page for specifics.

So, what are the benefits of far infrared sessions?

A quote from the Journal of the American Medical Association: Ceramic far infrared sauna's regular use may be as effective a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories, as regular exercise. That is pretty impressive.

The heating of the body also helps to build the immune system. Cancer treatment research is including far infrared therapy with other treatments to achieve a better, quicker, less stressful result.

DETOXIFICATION:  The body cleansing power of infrared is gaining in importance as our bodies are bombarded with toxins constantly. We are breathing them in, ingesting them with chemically enhanced foods, through over medicating, etc. The unique ability of far infrared to break down the ions which hold the water encapsulated toxins is a powerful tool toward better health. For those with severe toxin level issues,  drug abuse being only one example, far infrared therapy is often being used, with medical guidance, to safely and most effectively rid the body of the contaminates.

And, evidence is mounting that these toxins are responsible for the many many of the illnesses, and diseases of today. Far infrared saunas are proven to be the most effective and safest method for removal of heavy metals, carcinogenic toxins and environmental pollutants that we all either breathe, absorb, or consume.  For the very ill or elderly a far infrared session is by far the most safe, comfortable and effective detoxification treatment. (Heat Therapy Products, Inc. has addressed their specific needs directly with our micron control options -exclusive!)  

You will not only look and feel better, but the real health benefits of using a far infrared sauna can help you ward off diseases in a natural, healthier way.

This is a major step toward overall health. It has been shown that you will sweat up to 3X more in an infrared sauna than in a traditional hot rocks type sauna. This means more efective detoxing benefit.

A Far Infrared Sauna has the ability for a much deeper heat penetration benefit to the body compared to a traditional hot rock sauna, which gives more surface benefit.  Many doctors agree that using an infrared sauna regularly is one of best ways to keep healthy and fit. The overall effects are extensive.

Health benefits of using a far infrared sauna are vast.
If you suffer from one of the following conditions,
Far Infrared Sauna sessions may be a step toward better health.

Click on yours to email us. We'll send you info on specific infrared helps for your condition.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Immune System compromised
Toxic overload (almost all of us have this one)
The list of health issues that can be helped by detoxifying the body is endless,
but here are some of the most common reasons why people choose to do it:
• Purify liver, kidney and blood
• Eliminate years of built up internal waste
• Increase energy and focus
• Ease chronic pain
• Look younger
• Control high blood pressure
• Treat acne
• Simply feel fantastic
muscle strains


Regular Far Infrared Sauna use has been shown to benefit the human body in the following ways
-- and the list continues to grow.

• Lose weight effortlessly: burn up to 600 calories during a full sweat sauna session and give your heart a  mild     cardiovascular conditioning workout.

• Help to unlock pores to release more toxins from the body during use.

• Relieve sore, tired muscles, back pain, arthritis,

• Relieve physiological, mental and emotional stress.

• Migraine relief.

• Help in building a stronger immune system to combat colds, flue, disease.

• Aid digestion.

• Help relieve sinus conditions.

• Improve acne conditions.

• Improve nourishment for smoother softer skin and give the skin more elasticity.

• Sleep better.

• Enhance circulation on the surface and deeply for more muscle relaxation.

• Speed up healing of wounds from surgeries, injuries and reduce scar tissue.

• Warm muscles for better athletic performance and help reduce muscle injury.

• Make available more nutrient and oxygen supply to the deep and surface tissues.


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For everyday folk: by just relaxing with regular use you are contributing to your overall long term health, reducing stress, keeping muscles flexible, building the immune system and more.

It is not a complicated thing. Just enjoy the soothing warmth. Let the ceramic concave far infrared emitters do the work. And they DO. Using the Heat Therapy Products, Inc. far infrared solid ceramic far infrared heaters and exclusive full body cleansing design you can reap the benefits of less pain, more flexibility, heart conditioning, cleansing of toxic contaminates stored in your body- we ALL have them- healthier skin, etc. Bottom Line: being able to live a fuller life.

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of the far infrared product to suit your needs.

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The Best Infrared Sauna design
has front emitters
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not pointed at a wall!
Heat Therapy Products, Inc.
was the first manufacturer
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