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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\infrared emitter layout

Notice the emitters on this diagram:
It is of utmost importance
for infrared to be focused
to all parts of the body.
Heat Therapy Products, Inc.
was the first manufacturer
to recognize the characteristics
of infrared and begin designing
truly effective saunas
incorporating layouts
that maximize the actual infrared
benefit you receive!



















Everything You Need to Know About Far Infrared Emitters


Key Note:
The best far infrared sauna emitter, combined with it is placement, and micron&heat control,
is the most important element of an infrared sauna.
The wrong emitter and/or improper placement
will make a tremendous difference
in the actual infrared benefits the user receives.

(see characteristics of infrared)

The important question to ask is:
How much of the body is actually getting the direct infrared and at what micron level?
You may appreciate the warmth, but you could be under the illusion of actual infrared benefit.

Keep in mind a sauna is not the sun with unlimited far infrared.
Each emitter has a certain amount of infrared to give out.
The sauna design should not waste that amount of far infrared on the sauna structure.
Your health is most important.
When the infrared is absorbed by the walls, wood slat back rests, ceiling & floor,
that infrared is lost and you end up with just radiating heat, not actual infrared benefit. 


1) Types of infrared emitters
There are ceramic tube/rod emitters, carbon emitters, and ceramic concave emitters.

Tube/Rod ceramic emitters are used in many of the China built portable saunas.  They are inexpensive, high heat, and warm up the structure quickly, but, waste a signifiant portion of the infrared on the structure.  Because of their high heat fewer are used, reducing cost, but you loose infrared benefit. These heaters give an emitting pattern which waters down the infrared they radiate to the body. Even with the claim of high output and reflectors, units using tube emitters are wasting most of the far infrared on the walls, ceiling and floor. Their high heat is not anywhere near the best micron level for infrared therapy, body absorption, and detoxification, and they are be very uncomfortable when close to the body.Their life expendency is relatively short, compared to other types of emitters

Carbon emitters: Carbon emitter saunas can be extremely beautiful saunas. Their designs, however, have some huge flaws. These large infrared fabric sheets, give a very low surface temperature output.  Carbon emitters produce long wave infrared heat; the problem is they do not produce a lot of it - heat, yes, but weak in production of actual infrared.  The micron output varies throughout the session so you don't get the ideal range of microns for but a small percentage of your session. The wall to wall, ceiling to floor sheeting still results in very little actual infrared reaching the body where it can do good. Many web sites are showing you inaccurate illustrations of far infrared body coverage and giving you misleading statements.   More and more doctors are realizing the trumpeted carbon saunas are not what they were originally cracked up to be. Carbon saunas produce a lot of heat but are very lean on the amount of far infrared they produce, and even less actually reaches the body. Some carbon sheet manufacturers have even tried including some ceramic in their sheets, attempting to increase the amount of actual infrared produced, but with very little success.

Along with the above issues there are other problems with the carbon emitter panels, let us mention a couple important ones.
1) Most of the small amount of infrared the carbon panels produce is absorbed by the wood slats that structurally cover the emitters, this means that a very high percentage of the infrared produced does not even reach the body!
2) Front body infrared coverage is key to effective therapy, yet the most neglected with carbon saunas which usually have large front windows right opposite where you sit.

Concave Ceramic sauna emitters are known throughout the industry as the prefered type. Several wattages available give flexibiltiy in heat output with standard standard sauna controls.
The concave configuration gives a cone shaped infrared pattern that is most easily focused, by our exclusive housing/reflector design, directly to the sauna user. Remember, Infrared's benefit is only experienced when it is directly absorbed by the body. When combined with proper placement, and quantity, this is the most effective emitter type.

Heat Therapy Products, Inc.'s top of the line solid ceramic concave emitter produces an amazing amount of far infrared. Our emitters are made to last more than 10500 hours.   At 7 hours per week their life span is 32 years!
We have never had a failure with our emitters or electronics to date.

Now available to the public,
we're offering the same products and features we furnished to national detoxing clinics
and the largest medical research center of it's kind in the US.
They demanded the best in the world.
We were the only company world wide that could produce the full range of micron output
from our solid ceramic emitters at specific settings
- even 9.4 microns, considered the most ideal-
with 95% constant micron consistency and we won the contracts.

It is easy to see the difference: Look at our cover screen, reflector, emitter housing, and optional micron controls; you will see for yourself the huge difference.

a) Theirs: Only a small amount of the infrared produced by the emitters can escape through the little spaces between the slats in the backrests. Up to 50% is absorbed by the wood slat covers.
a) Ours: The stainless steel cover screen does not obstruct the free flow of the healing infrared- giving maximum infrared benefit from each emitter. 

b) Theirs: No reflector to form a focused infrared pattern,  just a wide 180 degree pattern that wastes that precious infrared on walls, ceiling and floor. With carbon emitter saunas: their "flat in the walls" panels just waste the infrared (which, remember, travels in straight lines) as most of it never comes even close to the body and is absorbed by the walls it does hit.
b) Ours: Heat Therapy Products Inc. stainless steel emitter reflector focuses the condensed infrared into a narrower pattern which targets a huge % of the infrared directly to the body, not wasting this precious infrared on the walls, ceiling, and floor.  After all, YOU and your health are the most important reason for us to be in this business.

c) Theirs: use of one size emitter housing to fit all - usually two emitters in one housing - which should only be used for the back/spinal area. The front of the body as well as the sides and back of the legs are neglected to save money for bigger profits. In the case of the carbon saunas: a large % of the small portion of actual infrared produced by the carbon sheets is wasted on walls, or blocked by the extensive wood slat backrests, an extremely small % actually makes it to the body.
c) Ours: We design and manufacture three different emitter housings to cover the body properly.  All our emitter layouts are designed to target and focus the precious infrared to each area of the body.

d) Theirs:  Wow! the fluctuating heat/micron levels. From warm up to full heat you'll experience a wide range of micron levels.  If you're wanting to detox, the higher heat isn't going to be absorbed for maximum detoxification.
d) Ours: Heat Therapy Products' exclusive micron controls allow you to set, and keep, the micron level you need/desire.  From the ideal setting for the ultimate detoxing session, up to higher heat for muscle therapy, and all settings inbetween, YOU are in control of your session. 
This is the primary reason we were chosen to equip a major detoxing center.  They had specific requirements of precise micron levels mandatory for their units. We were the only ones able to meet that stipulation.

We cover all the bases!
Why waste your money on glitz and beauty only to receive less real health benefit?


2) Control of Emitter Micron Output:
Heat Therapy Products Inc.'s revolutionary micron controllers are a true breakthrough, especially for the elderly and ill who need detoxification, but cannot take the higher temperature of a typical infrared sauna session. By setting specific micron ranges for lower emitter surface and sauna temperatures, they, for the first time ever, are able to comfortably experience the ultimate in detoxification sessions.  For those with conditions which have been determined to respond better to higher heat, the micron controllers can be set to accomodate that type of session.  And, all ranges inbetween can be set for personalized sessions.

Detoxification experts today site the newest findings for infrared saunas:
Infrared saunas are being used by doctors to effectively stimulate
the release of toxins from the bodies of their patients.
They have found that a lower emitter temperature sauna session, taken for a longer duration,
is the safest, most beneficial for detoxification.
These low emitter temperatures stimulate a fat sweat, which eliminates toxins,
especially those stored in fat, as opposed to the high emitter temperature sauna,
which encourages mostly water sweat.

Heat Therapy Products Inc. recognizes all the factors needed to have the most effective sauna experience possible. Our emitters produce infrared at the ideal 9.4 microns for detoxification and therapy. We use 163 watt emitters and twice the number of emitters used by most other brands.  This, combined with our exclusive micron controller, and our pin point emitter layout designs for full body coverage, gives you the very best design for unparalleled detoxification and infrared therapy.


3) Number of Emitters  (heaters)
There needs to be a minimum of 7 emitters at 163watts for a one person unit. 10 emitters minimum for a two person unit. Why? These lower wattage emitters produce infrared at a level best absorbed by our bodies. (So much better than the hotter, higher wattage, 200 watts+ emitters. Also, the proper number of emitters gives us the ability to design a better emitter layout giving more body coverage maximizing body cleansing, detoxification and general therapy.

Other Manufacturers save a great deal of money by reducing the number of emitters, and raising the wattage of the ones they do install in order to meet the industry standards of wattage per cubic foot of space. Most use 350 watt emitters, this is done to reduce the cost of the sauna for making easier sales. In the carbon emitter saunas they cover the walls with the low wattage panels, but when you compare the same total wattage per sauna space, our concave ceramic emitters produce an exceptional amount of infrared directly to the body, they waste it on walls.

A common statement many manufacturers make: "the far infrared bounces off the ceiling, floor and walls filling the sauna with wonderful far infrared benefit." This sounds great. However, just a little research into the characteristics of infrared tells us that infrared does not bounce off wood well; the wood absorbs the most of the far infrared energy. You will feel the heat from the walls as it is absorbed and radiates back into the sauna room, but there is an illusion of actual infrared benefit.

4) Emitter Housings 
Heat Therapy Products, Inc. offers three different emitter housing sizes. We are unique in the industry. Let us explain what a difference this exclusive detail can make. As an example: when used as part of our 12 emitter sauna package for two users.  (We provide component packages for all size sauna structures)
   1) Two or three emitters in one housing:  Installed above the bench in the back wall. These cover the entire lumbar to neck area for each sitting person. The two/three in one set up is also very effective when mounted on the side walls above bench for excellent infrared coverage on the sides of the body. (In a two person sauna switch sides with your partner every 10 minutes or so.)
   2) One single emitter housing: Installed under the bench, lining up perfectly, one for each person sitting at the bench. These are to be angled so that their focus is to the calf-buttocks.
    3) Three emitters in one housing: designed for the front and sides of the body, lower emitter covers the feet to the knees, middle emitter covers the mid-body area and the top emitter gives coverage to the upper body.  We recommend 2 three emitter housings, one on the left front angled facing the bench and the other on the right side also angled to the sitting positions. 
By the way, our two and three emitter housings are easier and faster to install than ever before - come to you with pre-wired housings, with high temp wire, and easy incoming wire connectors: at no additional cost.

5) The back emitter/s  
Some brands put only one emitter in the back. You sit too close to the emitter to receive complete back area benefit. Most of the energy is aimed at the center of your back. Heat Therapy Products, Inc.'s two and three emitter housings ensure the coverage you need.

6) Front exposure
An effective sauna session requires emitters aimed at the front of your body. For detoxification sessions you absolutely want this coverage. Our bodies store toxins all over. Since the infrared works where it is absorbed, doesn't it make sense to expose as much of our body to that precious infrared?
 This is an area that the infrared sauna industry has pretty much ignored over the years, and it is key to full body coverage and true effectiveness of the sauna!

Look out for saunas that have no emitters at all in the front. These are usually designed with wonderful large windows across the front of the sauna. These sauna designs are basically the old hot rock saunas of the past, and are not specifically designed for infrared use. They look great, but this layout gives little or no front body infrared exposure. When there are front emitters the industry standard places one emitter flat in the front wall near each of the corners -they are almost always aimed at the back wall, not where you are sitting. Again your body receives only a fraction of the far infrared available.

7) Size of unit  Beware of larger far infrared saunas  3 to 4 person or larger that use benches facing across from each other. These are generally designed with one back emitter for each person:  simply poor heater placement. Picture it, with everyone seated, they block the far infrared front body exposure from each other. Basically, the larger saunas units will always give reduced actual infrared benefit compared to the a well designed 1 or 2 person sauna.

If you currently have a large sauna, traditional hot rock or infrared, and would like to improve the function,
please send us your info and we would be happy to assist you in creating a better plan.

Remember, heat alone does not equal far infrared benefit.

Check out the newest innovation for saunas: another exclusive from Heat Therapy Products, Inc.

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