We started it all, the hottest news in saunas today.
Combination Hot Rock and Infrared Sauna all in one unit!
Come on guys, get the sauna that everyone can enjoy, especially the ladies!
Build a custom ComboSauna with our component packages,
or we can help you rejuvenate that old, outdated hot rock sauna into a ComboSauna:
the best of Far Infrared and Hot Rock experiences - all in one sauna, the uniting of two worlds.
This sauna sensation was created and developed by Heat Therapy Products, Inc.

What is a ComboSauna?
We design a full body far infrared section for the health enthusiast,
(for detoxification or far infrared therapy for other conditions),
then we figure in a special hot rock heater for the hot rock devotee, all in one beautiful sauna.
Custom Saunas designed by Heat Therapy Products for your space.

We have all the details.

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Supply us with information about the area where you'd like to build your sauna,
(or the size of your existing hot rock sauna for converting to a ComboSauna).
Our experts will do all the figuring for the best layout etc.
We'll send you back a quote for the component package
best suited for your specific space requirements.


combo sauna diagram

How does the ComboSauna work?
The Infrared section is usually designed for one or two people in the sitting position giving full body infrared coverage.
This is for people that want or need to get the maximum health and or detoxing benefit using far infrared therapy.
Then we design a hot rock section for the rockers.
The Infrared and hot rock have separate controls but can be set to work together when using the infrared.

How do I control the ComboSauna?
When using the infrared section, the infrared settings are set at low levels, usually at 110 to 125 degrees.
The special hot rock heater is set at just below the temperatures of the infrared settings.
This will help supplement the sauna's heat for infrared detoxification and therapy sessions.
The infrared controls have built in safety features that will automatically shut off
if temperatures exceed the infrared settings in memory.
The Hot Rock experience can continue by setting higher HotRock temperatures, without the infrared.
These are, again, our exclusive features.

custom sauna

We're often asked: Can I add an infrared section with your controls in my present hot rock sauna?
In most cases: YES--
send us your existing sauna details, we'll work out the best configuration.

Or, perhaps you have a space where you would like to build your own custom sauna.
We can design an effective custom sauna for you ,
--for infrared only or a combination of dry hot rocks plus the far infrared--
to make the very best use of your space for maximum infrared benefit!

Just email us the size of the area in which you'd like to build your sauna.
With purchase of the infrared component package, the sauna design is free,
we do all the calculations, placement of emitters, complete with a lay out diagram.
You will know the total price of package up front before purchasing.

Key Note:
You can feel warm, cozy and relaxed in one of the worst designed saunas on the market,
and have no idea you are not getting anywhere near the maximum benefit that you deserve.

Let us design a great sauna for you, any size Far Infrared or Far Infrared and Hot rock Combo Unit
Best of all our exclusive layout service FREE with package purchase.

Contact us and you will be amazed what we can do!

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Combo Saunas:
Hot Rock and Infrared all-in-one great sauna

contact us for more details
or with any questions

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