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We believe that the best consumer is an educated consumer.

Key Note: Heat alone does not equal far-infrared benefit.
see "infrared 101" page for characteristics of infrared

BOTTOM LINE: Too many manufacturers are taking your money and giving you only the illusions of great benefit from their far-infrared saunas.If you are looking for true far-infrared benefit,
use these tips to look for a well designed unit.

Analyze, evaluate, study, scrutinize, compare and judge for yourself.
By approaching your purchase with the expert valuable information we are sharing,
you will be able to evaluate the correct features to make an educated investment in your health.

Key Infrared Characteristics to Remember:
1) Infrared only travels in straight lines.
2) Infrared is absorbed by wood; it does not bounce off or go through wood.
3) Infrared does reflect off metals, especially polished stainless steel.
4) Infrared Benefits come from the direct absorbtion of the infrared by the body.
5) Infrared is beneficial to the body in any volume, and is the safest heat energy (used in hospitals for decades to keep newborn babies warm).

The sun produces wonderful far infrared in unlimited quantities, warming us even on cool days, but also gives off other bands of energy- ultraviolet, which is harmful to the skin, causing skin cancer and genetic mutations when too much is absorbed.
The Infrared band of the sun's energy is duplicated in sauna emitters and is the powerful energy to heal and/or relieve numerous conditions.
A sauna is not the sun, with unlimited energy, and can only produce just so much infrared.
For our comparison we will consider a 20 amp infrared carbon panel sauna and a 20 amp concave solid ceramic emitters sauna.

COMPARISON:  (for additional info on carbon saunas email us)
The Popular Carbon Panel Saunas to Heat Therapy Products Inc.'s Concave Solid Ceramic Emitters layouts (using our specially designed emitter housings with our design layout for extraordinary full body far infrared coverage).

A: Carbon Sauna panels emit a low percentage of actual infrared per watt. The panels are installed to cover the entire sauna wall to wall ceiling to floor, and sometimes even include the floor.  However, there is a functional issue 

1) Problem: Remember, the infrared travels in straight lines and infrared benefits come from the direct absorbtion of the infrared by the body. So, in the Carbon Panel Sauna the infrared is spread evenly all over the sauna. Most of that small percentage of infrared produced by the large wall to wall carbon panels is wasted on the opposite walls and ceiling. Your body is receiving an extremely small amount of the total far infrared produced.  Solution: Our exclusive full body infrared coverage layouts include: concave solid ceramic emitters (which produce an amazing percentage of infrared per watt) with specially designed emitter reflectors to focus just about ALL the precious far infrared produced to the body- placed strategically to target the user. We don't waste the infrared on walls, ceiling or floor like the carbon saunas do. We design the full body coverage emitter layout best suited to your space.

B: Carbon Sauna designs incorporate a wood grid all around the walls as a protection to lean your body against.  

2) Problem: Remember, the infrared is absorbed by wood. The spacing in the wood grid means over half of the "limited infrared" the carbon sauna produces is completely neutralized by the wood slats. You loose valuable infrared benefit. We have noticed some outrageous comments on the internet. One site even states that infrared benefits go through wood. They obviously have not a clue as to the characteristics of infrared.   Solution: Our designs use three sizes of emitter housings which are installed with back rests which do not block any of the infrared from reaching your body.

C: EMF Emissions  

3) Problem: Carbon Sauna Panels send EMF Emissions as high as 20-30 throughout the sauna (10 and below is the safe level).

Solution: Heat Therapy Products Inc. concave solid ceramic emitters produce EMF Emissions below 10, considered a very safe level.

SOME IMPORTANT THINGS TO LOOK FOR  in a truely effective infrared sauna

1) Numer of Emitters: Make sure there is the proper number of far-infrared emitters per sauna unit. There should be 7, for good coverage, 9 for maximum coverage, 163watt emitters for a one person unit and 10, for good coverage, 12 for maximum coverage, 163watt emitters for a two person unit. Lower wattage emitters give our bodies the ability to better absorb and use infrared over the hotter heaters.
Also, the proper number of heaters gives more body coverage which maximizes body-cleansing, detoxification and general infrared therapy.
Manufacturers often save a great deal of money by reducing the number of emitters by raising the wattage of the ones they do install in order to meet the industry standards of wattage per cubic foot of space.
A common statement they make: the far-infrared bounces off the ceiling, floor and walls filling the sauna with wonderful far-infrared benefit. This sounds great. However, just a little research into the characteristics of infrared tells us that infrared doesn t bounce off wood well, the wood absorbs most of the far infrared energy. You will feel the heat from the walls, but there is an illusion of actual infrared benefit.

Keep in mind there should be two emitters in the back where you sit, properly spaced, two, or ideally three, in the front of you on your left and two/three on your right also properly spaced which should line up under where you are sitting, not off to one side, and one under the seat.

2)   Types of Infrared Emitters: Use of large flat, convex and tube emitters- these heaters give a wide, 180 to 360 degree, emitting pattern which waters down the infrared it radiates to the body from each emitter. Even with their claim of high output and reflectors, these designs are wasting most of the far infrared on the walls, ceiling and floor. Keep in mind a sauna is not the sun with unlimited far infrared. Each emitter has a certain amount of infrared to give out. The sauna design should not waste that limited amount of far infrared on the structure. When the infrared is absorbed by the walls, etc., most of the infrared is lost and you end up with just the passive heat from the walls,etc. The important question to ask is: how much of the body is actually getting the infrared?  Again you may appreciate the warmth, but you will be under an illusion of actual infrared benefit! The infrared sauna only uses about the same amount of electricity as a hair dryer. It is important to be efficient with that energy. Learn more..read on.

3)  Emitter Housings: Lots of manufacturers use a one size fits all, 20 to 26 inch, emitter housing, with two emitters too close together in each. This housing unit does not really fit properly anywhere you install it, under the bench, in the front or in the back. Why do they use one size fits all? You guessed it, more profit, it is more expensive to make several different sizes of emitter housings than just one. They gain, you loose. Location and spacing of the far infrared emitters is integral to performance. Heat Therapy Products, Inc. was the first (and still only one) to offer three different emitter housing sizes.  The 'one size fits all' doesn't work with the other key infrared characteristics for effective, proper, infrared body coverage!

4) The Back Emitter Some brands put only one emitter in the back. You sit too close to the emitter to receive complete back area benefit. Most of the energy is aimed at the center of your back. Even with two emitters in the standard 20 and 26 inch housing, unless you're very short or a child, your upper shoulders and neck get limited exposure.

5) Front Exposure Look out for saunas that have no emitters at all in the front. These are usually designed with wonderful large windows across the front of the sauna, these sauna designs are basically the old hot rock saunas of the past, and are not designed for infrared use. They look great, but this layout gives little or no front body exposure. When there are front emitters the industry standard places one emitter flat in the front wall near each of the corners; again you are getting only a fraction of the far infrared available. Even using that 20 to 25 inch housing with two emitters, the top of the emitter housing is about waist high leaving the top part of your body with very little exposure.

6) Size of Unit Beware of larger far infrared saunas - 3 to 4 person or larger that use benches facing across from each other. These are generally designed with one back emitter for each person ,simply poor heater placement, Picture it, with everyone seated, they block the far infrared front body exposure from each other! Basically, the larger saunas units will always give reduced actual infrared benefit compared to the a well designed 1 or 2 person sauna. Again, remember, heat does not equal far infrared benefit.

7)  Micron Control  In most saunas: you turn it on and there is a setting for time and heat.  The emitters heat up, keep the heat level for the duration of the session.   What we discovered from our research is that different types of therapy are most effective at various micron settings!  Back over 7 years ago Heat Therapy Products, Inc. began developing variable micron controls.  We now offer individual emitter controls, which enable you to turn some on, and some off, and set each one to the level you desire/need.  Also, our latest innovation is a full sauna micron controller which sets all the emitters to the micron level you want/need.  These breakthrough upgrades enable the very ill or elderly to experience the benefits of detoxification therapy for the first time ever.  Because of heat sensitivity and other issues, they have been left out of the opportunities that infrared saunas provide. The settings are adjusted for the comfort level and micron level that allows these users to stay in session for the time necessary for effective detoxification therapy. 

We've found that, because of the tendancy to fall asleep during infrared sessions, our optional tapered back rest prevents injury, and provides comfort not found in other infrared saunas.  Especially designed for the sick and elderly, but a great option for anyone!!
How Heat Therapy Products, Inc. stands alone in the entire infrared industry, world wide:
We have the most comprehensive offerings of top quality far infrared emitters, sauna electronics, and exclusive innovative products to increase the flexibility and effectiveness of your infrared sauna.
For those of you who want and/or need to get the maximum health benefits of infrared for detoxification & therapy we offer the flexibility of fully adjustable Micron Settings, with dead on accuracy. No other sauna has these exclusive features. Now available to the public, these are the same products and features we furnished to national detoxing clinics and the largest medical research center of it's kind in the US. They demanded the best in the world. We were the only company world wide that could produce the full range of micron output from our solid ceramic emitters at specific settings - even 9.4 microns, considered the most ideal- with 95% constant micron consistency and we won the contracts. Heat Therapy Products Inc. offers the most advanced far infrared controls, emitter layouts and products world wide, no one else comes even close.
In conclusion:

We really want you to understand the infrared product/s you are purchasing.
Check out infrared 101 and emitters 101 , if you have not already, for more valuable information!

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