Heat Therapy Products, Inc.
Mission Statement

Heat Therapy Products, Inc. is committed to ongoing research of far infrared and production of products with far infrared features.
With the end users well being our absolute priority, our personal standard is to provide, for personal and professional use, the very highest level of infrared benefit in all of our products.

We have been involved in design, engineering, electronics, research, development and manufacturing for over 35 years. Over this time many lessons have been learned.

• Never assume what others design and manufacture is the best a product can be.

• There are very few companies with cutting edge design and quality engineering in their products. The bulk of the rest just copy each others products, make minor changes, and promote as their own, with very little testing or research.  Many websites are giving construction advice without any real experience building and marketing saunas.

(We've done the research and have been building and designing saunas for years with emphasis on effeciency and effectiveness combined with the latest research applications.)

 An Overview of Heat Therapy Products' History

Heat Therapy Products, Inc. was the first to:

A little over 15 years ago we recognized the rampant misconception that infrared reflects off the walls, ceiling and floors filling the sauna with wonderful infrared.
High Profile Detoxification Centers at that time, operated by Doctors, were designing infrared saunas with benches along walls facing each other with no infrared emitters facing the front of the body. They basically took the traditional hot rock sauna and placed infrared emitters into the walls as the heat source. Fundamental research into the characteristics of infrared blew that assumption out of the water.
We were the first to publicly expose this flawed theory and changes began to occur.

2) We were the first to recognize the very important need for precise emitter placement.

3) We were the first to recognize the very important need for precise emitter quantities.

4) We were the first to recognize the very important need for precise emitter distance from the body.

5) We were the first to recognize the very important need for precise emitter angle.

6) We were the first (and still only ones) to offer three different emitter housing sizes.  The 'one size fits all' doesn't work with the key characteristics of infrared for effective, proper, infrared body coverage!

7) We were the first to recognize the importance of lower emitter surface temperature for detoxification and began developing our adjustable MicronControl more than 7 years ago.

Heat Therapy Products was the first to recognize the need for full body infrared coverage.

Our research on the characteristics of far infrared informed us that infrared reflects off metal, and is mostly absorbed by wood! A new design was needed.  In the '90s we introduced the only true 'full body coverage' infrared saunas, our MXD5000 Series.  We still market them as special order items, and our custom designed infrared kits and component packages incorporate the same design features to accomplish the maximum infrared benefit.  

We were the first to explain this characteristic of infrared.  After several years on the internet the word has spread. Heat Therapy Products, Inc. has led the infrared sauna industry toward new standards in design.

We were, and are, the first and only manufacturer to design and offer individual emitter controls which control each emitter's surface temperature, and allow the user to turn each emitter on and off. We also now offer a micron controller which sets the entire sauna, all emitters, to various specific micron levels.  This innovative upgrade enables the very ill and/or elderly to, for the first time, experience the detoxification benefits of infrared therapy.  The controller makes it possible for them to spend the time needed for this type of therapy in a comfortable environment.  

We were one of the first to recognize the importance of using lower ceramic emitter surface temperatures to maximize the infrared's body penetrating benefits.  The carbon emitter designers, on the other hand, have gone too far in lowing the surface emitter temperature. The placement of the panels wastes up to 85% of the infrared produced, it never reaches the body.

The emitter MicronControl, the proper type of emitters, combined with Heat Therapy Products, Inc.'s design layouts all work together to create the most advanced, innovative, and flexable far infrared saunas available today.

These are just a few of the reasons why we were chosen above all others to design and equip the largest medical research center of its kind in the United States. 

The Most Advanced, Innovative Infrared Features are available only at
Heat Therapy Products, Inc.

We have truly raised the bar and now lead the industry!

Let us design a great sauna package for you, any size

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ComboSauna Unit
- Far Infrared and Hot Rock,
in harmony for the first time!

All residential designs are FREE with a package purchase

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